Soody Sharifi Contemporary Iranian Photography

DeSantos Gallery Presents: The Veiled Mirror
Contemporary Iranian Photography
Curated by Soody Sharifi

Join us on Saturday, May 6, beginning at 6:00 pm, for a unique look at the mystery of Iran. Artist’s talk at 6:30 pm, by Soody Sharifi.

Houston TX 2006 –News from Iran isn’t all about the country’s nuclear ambitions. Stealing the headlines on the streets, is a word of a new art revolution. Now Houstonians have an opportunity to get a glimpse into this new and vibrant Iranian art scene.

This underground revolution began with the international success of Iranian cinema, and in recent years has encompassed the thriving scene of Iranian contemporary photographers, whose works have stolen the show. Major installations in Sharjar and at Bienales in Venice, plus art fairs such as Art Basel, have the drawn interest world-wide.The DeSantos Gallery will display the works of 7 noted Iranian photographers, curated by Soody Sharifi, in a stunning gallery exhibition, opening May 6, 2006. Featured artists in addition to Ms. Sharifi, are Dadbeh Bassir, Shadi Ghadirian, whose work has garnered great attention since his Paris Photo exhibition, Bahman Jalali, Mehran Mohajer, Malakey Nayini, and Hamila Vakili.

These photographers all question perceived notions of identity, and each offers a very different and rich interpretation of what it is like to live under a Muslim theocracy. Each artist has a singular approach to questions of gender, youth culture, an individual’s role in a society, and, inevitably, religion.These Iranian voices reflect the incredible diversity of peoples, opinions, and outlooks that lie at the heart of this often misunderstood culture. From Iran’s pre-Islamic heritage to the social dynamics among Iranian teens, to intriguing illusions, these photographers have turned their eyes to an Iran that is rarely, if ever, seen in the West.