Thank You!

Dear Friends,

After ten years of fun & work at the DeSantos Gallery we have decided its time to move on to other ventures.
This has been truly a great adventure and has provided us with the opportunity to meet a group of very dedicated artists who make photography their main artistic endeavor.Photography has always been our love and passion in the world of art.

Running the gallery  has also been an education in the same world. Overall this has been a great experience. We remain committed to photography in many ways and we will be active in the community.Not having the daily obligations of the gallery will give us more  time to travel and visit so many venues where photography is exhibited through the world and we are looking forward to that.

We hope our friendship will continue and we will have plenty of  opportunities to see each other socially and at photography events.Please contact us with any questions about photography or anything else.

Warmest regards    Gemma & Luis de Santos


If interested in the building please feel free to checkout our website