Stop the Violence, Saturday December 1, 2012

DeSantos Gallery is proud to present Francois Robert’s latest series entitled Stop the Violence . This photographic exhibit celebrates  selected pieces. The exhibition opens December 1, 2012 and will end January 5th, 2013.  Mr. Robert will be present during the opening.

A little blurb out the series.

Francois enjoys creating photographs that stimulate contemplation and empathy. In his series, “Stop the Violence,” Francois has photographed symbolic objects and cultural signifiers that resonate with the viewer as a statement of the causes and effects of violence.

Conflict and violence are perpetual areas of focus and concern for human beings. In the end, whatever goals are intended to be achieved by the use of force, the ultimate result is simply the end of life, a dead body. The human skeleton is a powerful visual symbol. It has come to represent the “remains,” what is left after life has ended. In his photographs photographs, Francois uses the human skeleton as the formal visual element, the subject of the image. For each photograph he disassembles the modular system of the skeleton and reconfigures the elements to form a new image. These images show conflict, aggression, suffering, and devastation. These images also suggest an aftermath, therefore functioning as a warning. His hope is that they provide a cautionary moment of pause, a moment when minds recognize the history and the significance of these symbols, resonating long after viewing. Francois intends the images to plant in the heart the notions of charity and restraint in effort to promote tolerance and peace.