Elaine Ling


Born in Hong Kong, Elaine Ling has lived in Canada since the age of nine. Upon arrival in Canada, Elaine was exhilarated by the freedom of space and began her attraction to Stone and places of Nature. She studied the piano, the cello and medicine. Upon graduating from Medical school, Elaine worked as a family physician with special interest in the First Nation populations of Northern Canada. She was based in specialized Northern hospitals and flew into isolated communities, from the Eastern to the Western Arctic, from the northeast coast of Newfoundland to the northwest coast of British Columbia. Having a natural affinity to the Ojibwa, the Cree, the Inuit, the Kwakiutl, and the Haida, Elaine’s images of this part of her life began her 20 year journey in photography.

Seeking the solitude of deserts and abandoned architectures of ancient cultures, Elaine Ling has explored the shifting equilibrium between nature and the man-made across four continents. Photographing in the deserts of Mongolia, Namibia, North Africa, India, South America, Australia, American Southwest and the citadels of Persepolis, Petra, Cappadocia, Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, Great Zimbabwe, she has captured that dialogue. ( taken from www.elaineling.com)



Namid Desert

Nomadic Mongolia