Ciuco Gutierrez

The photographer Ciuco Gutiérrez calls his work as “Perverse kitsch. may be”. Yes, he, and his work are preserve and kitsch, combining colours, shadows and shapes masterfully.

Ciuco Gutierrez is an outsider artist who walks an uncom¬fortable tightrope – uncomfortable for us ah – between, on the one hand, the banal, the vulgar and the cheaply romantic; and, on the other, the ludic connotations or what we might call the small beauties of the same. […] What I’m trying to say is that he likes these things that he also loathes, and what 1 am also suggesting is that he is telling is that in some strange part of ourselves we share both bis hiking and his loathing. It is this yes/no pan of ourselves that he is constantly foregrounding in bis works, in a vicious technicolor, a kind of insistent visual syntax, from which there is no escape, in an aesthetic pre sence that lifts the kitsch origin of many of bis materials into the formal terrain of art.

A short note before you check his pictures: the photos of galley “Un lugar donde vivir” plays with the curves of the (female) human body and toys are, I think, NSFW. The three other galleries are totally safe for work. (via Mira y Calla)