May 14th Opening Exhibition w/ Artist
Memory & Imagination Photography by Christine Laptuta

Fine Art Photographer Christine Laptuta returns to Houston for a solo exhibition of her landscape series this month at the DeSantos Art Gallery. The Gallery invites you to preview the collection at a special evening reception from 5:30pm until 8pm on Saturday the 14th of May at the Gallery located at 1724 Richmond Avenue, Houston TX 77098.

The Houston Museum of Fine Arts has 2 of Laptuta’s photographs in its permanent collection and this exhibit offers Houston art collectors the opportunity to meet the artist and view additional photographs from her collections.

Artist Statement
It’s all about the land, its mystery, its ambiguity, its disruption and rhythm.

It’s about obstacles, changes in light, time passing, doubt, a circle with no beginning or end, the continuity of infinite repetition.

I go to places that inspire me. I compose imaginary narratives of journeys l take. I like to explore the notion of time, space and the illusion of memory.

It’s about getting in touch with my intuition, and having a dialogue that challenges me .I pay attention to the transitory moments of natures multi faceted forms, and the beauty and chaos that is always in flux.

Ultimately, it is a journey of discovering the subliminal qualities of a particular place and time.

By using a primitive camera with a manual winder, l am able to compose my narratives in camera by shooting continuous frames on one strip of 120 film with no interruption.