Kiriko Shirobayashi


When was it that I knew the earth was a sphere?  It is still so fascinating to me.  A line meets other lines and draws a sphere.  There is no starting point as well as no ending point.

When I lived in California, moving from New York for a year, I became especially attracted to the appearances of edges of the earth, which connect to the other side of the world.  I captured the landscapes into a square format image, however, imaginable lines are always continuing.

In this series, I focused on the lines of the earth and the intervals between two elements.  The lines could be the edge of a skyscraper, industrial landscapes, forests, wastelands, grasslands or wetlands.  I have traveled throughout the United States and enjoyed seeing many amazing and stunning landmarks, however I never felt that they were the right images for my project.  The landmarks were so magnificent that they didn’t even seem real to me.  I decided to take on the challenge of working with non-traditional landscapes.  With the imagery in my project I seek to convey intangible landscapes. 

When I look at these images together, I discover new images within the photographs.  The images of lines are connecting to each other and creating a sphere.  Each photograph has a relationship to the others, as I see my surroundings in multiple layers.  There were several images that I found the same subconscious emotions underlying.  I treasure the idea that these lines are part of a great sphere.