Judy Haberl’s Hidden Agendas Saturday February 26th

Judy Haberl’s Hidden Agendas Saturday February 26th

From  February 26th through March 26th, the DeSantos Art Gallery will reveal the veiled secrets held within icy containers in a special exhibit featuring the photographs and sculptures from artist Judy Haberl’s Hidden Agendas.

The DeSantos Art Gallery invites you to preview the collection at a special evening reception from 5:30pm until 8pm on Saturday the 26th of February at the Gallery located at 1724 Richmond Avenue, Houston TX 77098.

About the Artist

Judy Haberl was born and raised in Northern Colorado and received her BA at the University of North Colorado before moving East.  She received her MFA at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University in Massachusetts and currently resides in Newtonville, Massachusetts.  She is the professor of sculpture at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston and has developed highly reviewed art courses, including one she co-wrote and taught entitled Image and Object with photographer and colleague Laura McPhee.

Her solo exhibition of Unutterable at the Gallery Kayafas was voted Best Photography Show in Boston by the Boston Art Awards.  She is included in the current Discoveries traveling photography exhibition by FotoFest and it was through the FotoFest 2010 Biennial where DeSantos Director, Gemma DeSantos, first saw her pieces and reached out an offer to represent her work here in Houston, TX at the upcoming exhibit.  One of her most notable series entitled Freeze consists of cast ice sculptures photographed using the Moby C Polaroid camera, Edwin Land’s unique room-size showpiece in New York, to film the sculptures and create a portfolio of enormous 40” x  90” Polaroid photographs.   She has been featured at numerous galleries and exhibitions the DeCordova Museum, Gallery Kayafas, Akin Gallery, The M.A.C. Center, Dallas, the Cultural Center, Havana Cuba and many others.  Her complete bio is available on her website at JudyHaberl.com.