Germán Herrera

Germán Herrera (Mexico City, 1957).

A visual artist whose work explores the visual dimension of emotion. The images included here are part of a process of introspection which evolves without searching for explanations; this, he mentions: “…is part of my way of getting acquainted with myself and with the world. As for communicating with the viewer, I am more interested in the meaning that the spectator gives to the piece, rather than in my own.”

There is no message to decode, in the best of the cases, the transmission of an emotion takes place.

The critic and art historian Elizabeth Ferrer comments: “Many photographers working with the formats of constructed imagery or photomontage do so with a keen sense of intentionality, as a means of conveying a specific statement or idea. Herrera, in contrast, relies greatly on intuition and emotion, more interested in the possibility of locating meaning outside the arenas or pure intellect and reason.”