August FREE Art Giveaway

Located at 1724 Richmond Avenue, the DeSantos Gallery offers art lovers the opportunity to own an original Photography art piece all to themselves by getting a little techie. Interested art fans may avail of the Free Art Giveaway promotional offer by scanning the QR code from a banner placed in front of the gallery. After doing so, participating art lovers would receive instructions on how to receive a high quality 5″ x 5″ fine art print from the Gallery’s recently featured artists.

DeSantos Gallery is one of the first art houses to make use of QR Codes (Quick Response Codes), which is now a major marketing tool. The codes provide people with information on products and services in a very quick manner. The popularity of QR Codes skyrocketed especially after the latest smartphone models have included QR scanner applications. Carlos DeSantos, the gallery’s creative services manager took advantage of the QR Codes hype by launching the Free Art Giveaway offer. He says, “Scanning the QR code gives a novel twist to this promotion; Most QR codes that people scan only send them to an information page about a product or service. I believe we are one of the first, if not the first, in the Houston area to provide a free gift of art for just scanning a QRC.”

First Featured Artist: Cara Barer

The first brilliant artist to share her talent and give away her masterpieces is Houston’s very own local celebrity artist, Cara Barer. Barer is currently on exhibit at DeSantos, and she’s first on the list to provide the fine art print giveaways. An established photographer whose subject is the distorted pages of books, Barer has had a very strong following in the Houston area, though she has had art exhibitions all over the United States and as far as Canada. A celebrated photographer since 1994, art lovers would surely love owning a Barer masterpiece. Patrons of the DeSantos Gallery also have the opportunity to win one of Barer’s 36” x 36” limited edition prints.

The free artwork is limited to the number of prints provided by the artists.